Volcanoes Trinity Guide

Volcanoes Trinity Guide (VTG) is a partnership business which aims at guiding and facilitating the tourists who come in Rwanda to visit different touristic sites and adventures.


Sabyinyo Volcano, One of the Volcanoes locate in the North part of Rwanda


Volcanoes Trinity Guide offers a wide range of services depending on customer’s needs.

Those include:

  • Car hire.
  • Home stay.
  • Village Walks.
  •  Scenic Walk.
  • Birds Watching.
  • Schools visit.
  • Local hills climbing and hiking.
  • Rivers  visit.
  • Traditional dance.
  • Handcraft and healers.
  • Museums and cultural sites.
  • Local activities experience.
  • And so many others.

Prices are negotiable.

We welcome you in Rwanda, the country of Thousand Hills